Thread Lift

Collagen-stimulating Facial and Neck Thread Lifts

A Face Lift Without Cutting and Minimal Downtime

Bioscor International utilises Silhouette Soft® sutures as a minimally invasive treatment to correct age-related changes to the skin. It uses the placement of specifically tailored threads to restore loss of collagen and to correct contouring of the face and neck. This non-surgical thread lift procedure is performed with minimal downtime and recovery.

Please note that individual results do vary based on individual factors and circumstances.

What Makes Silhouette Soft So Effective?

Silhouette Soft® sutures are absorbable, sterile, surgical strands of Poly Lactic Acid with moulded cones made of bio-absorbable material. It is the only product on the market enabling two actions:

  1. A lifting action – Small bio-dissolvable cones gently anchor into the skin for immediate and discreet effect
  2. A regenerative effect – After being absorbed the poly-lactic-acid works by gradually restoring lost collagen in a natural manner

How Does The Regenerate Process Work?

Poly Lactic Acid sutures cause a reaction in the tissue which gradually and naturally creates your own collagen over a 12 – 18 month period.

The cone style anchors will be absorbed:

10% in 2 – 3 months
30% in 3 – 6 months
100% in > 12 months

Which Areas Can Silhouette Threads Treat?

Silhouette Soft® can be used to treat various parts of the face and neck including:

In What Cases is Silhouette Soft Indicated?

Silhouette Soft® threading is recommended for both men and women over 30 years of age looking to undergo a non-invasive natural alternative to a facelift. If you are interested to learn more about the procedure and to see if you are a suitable candidate please contact the office for a consultation with our Doctor on (03) 9544 7429.

Before and Afters Thread Lifts

Please note that individual results do vary based on individual factors and circumstances.