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Slimming treatment

Body Slimming

Jaw Slimming

Our non-surgical facial/jawline slimming is a minimally invasive treatment that reduces the appearance of a wide, square jawline. It involves injections into your jaw muscles (masseters) to relax them, thereby creating a slimmer, softer jawline.

As the masseter muscles are used for chewing food on a daily basis, these muscles tend to be quite strong. You may require consecutive treatments to achieve the full desired effect.

Results may vary from person to person

Calf Slimming

The bulky appearance of the calves are caused by hypertrophy of the gastrocnemius muscles, which can result from prolonged wear of high heels and sports, or just genetics. The calf area also contains a layer of subcutaneous fat, however this does not account for much of the bulky size & liposuction is not usually effective.

The calf slimming treatment can block peripheral motor nerves to the gasctrocnemius, which has the effect of reducing the muscle bulk and giving a more streamlined contour to the leg.

The treatment takes approximately ten minutes to perform, which is very simple and does not involve any anaesthesia. With only a few injections to the calf muscle(s), the circumference of the calves will start to reduce noticeably.

Some patients describe the injection as being similar to an insect bite. After the treatment, the treated area(s) might temporarily sore and bruise. After four to eight weeks, the injection will start to take effect and will reach its optimal result after approximately three months.

Clinical studies have proven that after two treatments (approximately 24 weeks), the circumference of the calf muscle decreased by 10% and the effect may last for twelve months or more, and may differ between individuals. Continuous use of high heels as well as exercise may still lead to hypertrophy of the muscles, therefore it depends on each individual to determine whether or not it is necessary to repeat the treatment accordingly.