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Postpartum Recovery Program

Motherhood changes a mother’s life inside and out and it may take time to feel like normal self again. From the size of a poppy seed your little baby grows to the size of a watermelon. Your body not only stretches but organ shift to new positions to accommodate your little miracle keeping your baby safe and healthy. However, the changes do not stop now that baby is here. In fact, change after childbirth is an inevitable aspect that is spoken less of that mothers have to endure.


Some of these changes are physical such as:

And Internal as well:

These discomfort and body changes are normal. However, optimum care for a mother during confinement is crucial. Medical experts show that the reason women are prone to diseases is due to the aftermath left by incomplete postpartum recovery. Lack of postpartum care will lead to a prolong recovery process which not only affect the mother’s body shape, but causes poor physical fitness, pain in the breast, hair loss, dizziness, headache, gastrointestinal discomfort and more. Thus POSTPARTUM RECOVERY is very important and has a huge impact the health of a mother lifelong.

At Bioscor our medical practitioners are here to ensure optimum postpartum recovery from the stress of labour and address any health concerns that you may have. We have a range of programme that is tailored specifically to help mothers to recover back to the best possible state and to regain their confidence again such as: